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Circular Scenes

A bit about....

These scenes are all roughly the same diameter, about 30cm, but vary in height based on the actual design.

Designed primarilly to fit DIY tables you can buy from trade centres, these scenes happen to fit perfectly well on most standard size circular side tables.

Each scene has as a focal point the actual crib of baby Jesus - with varying outer lying areas dependant on design.

Designed as a real center piece...

Roughly round, these cribs are beautiful to behold.  The simple fact that they sit on a side table means that after Christmas you simply remove them for safe storage and re-use your existing table as before.

These scenes really do stand out due to the different shape - a shape which helps draw the eye to the focal center whilst maintaining detail around the edges.



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Please note that all scenes are handmade and as such no two scenes are ever alike - or even similar!  Figures used are not modelled by Little-Towns and as such they may be replaced by other figurines to the same quality.


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