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The meaning of Christmas has become a lacking factor of our lives.  Christmas decorations rarely represent what is the true meaning behind Christmas.

As a little girl, I was given from my uncle a crib.  He, like myself today, enjoyed creating and modelling.

At Christmas he enjoyed creating paper mache nativity scenes and giving them to the family.  

Today, we can purchase Nativity sets which typically comprise of a 'shed' and a number of pieces.  Although pleasing to look at, they typically don't convey the main spirit of Christmas.

Inspired by my uncles work, I began on the idea of making "little towns of Bethlehem", which I present to you here.


About Little Towns

Although these scenes have been made for the family for many years, this is the first Christmas that I offer them for sale.



The image on the left is the very first crib I ever made - and looks slightly dated now but it still holds a place in my heart.  The middle one shows one of the stages of the build process, with the final result being shown on the right.

After my family saw my crib, which was rather large, they asked me to make smaller versions for them.  The next one I made was for my sister and was about a third of the size of the original.  The quality of this crib was far superior to my originals, and it was then that the idea of Little Towns of Bethlehem started to grow.

Today, Little Towns of Bethlehem doesn't just make one type of crib - by standard I make 4 different shape cribs, in a variety of sizes.  I also make winter scenes (Christmas decorated displays)  and even railway layouts for you (you can either take a standard track plan or send us your own!)

I can deliver a crib/winter scene/railway layouts in various stages of production, allowing you to complete it as you wish. 

If the standard sizes are not big enough, or too big, just contact me via email above to get a quote on my custom cribs.

Please feel free to browse our galleries, or use the icons above to investigate each type of crib more fully.

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