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Custom Scenes

A bit about....

These scenes can be any size and shape - and don't even have to be based on Christmas! We can build you model railway scenary, or rolling hills for you battle games.

If you can dream and describe it, we will build it for you.

Please get in contact so that we can bring your ideas to life.

Designed for a shop or business...

...or if you just like large cribs!  The one being shown measures an impressive 1.4m by 0.6m - this crib is the largest we have built to date - and it has turned out fantastic.

Due to the shear size of the piece, we are able to model far more detail such as the ladder and fence by the manger and the water woman and her pond.



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Please note that all scenes are handmade and as such no two scenes are ever alike - or even similar!  Figures used are not modelled by Little-Towns and as such they may be replaced by other figurines to the same quality.


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